Memo to the CEO


Memo to: the CEO

From: Your Outside Sales Team

Subject: Strategic Prospecting & Selling





Dear CEO:

We were wondering if there might not be a better way to make the most of our resources. We like to think of ourselves as your knights; diligently and courageously equipped with the will power to take market share, increase margin and manage customer retention.

We seem to go off on an adventure every day without any idea what is expected of us besides the bottom line, sales results. Sometimes we are told to make a certain number of calls a day, but that isn’t very relevant to how we can gain more sales.  How we get there is up to our unique styles and the great intuitive skills of our sales managers.

The size of our sales team and the amount of information we could be gathering daily is great.


What do you want to know?  What does Marketing want to know?


We could be better resources for the company by collecting market information from the mouths of prospects and customers in real time. If we ask questions and get answers we can turn information into knowledge that would help us give something of value back to prospects and customers.  On the other hand, I guess we could just keep theHoovers subscription going instead.


It’s challenging to walk into 10 to 15 offices a day, where we push our way in to talk without knowing much about the company or their team. Most prospects love talking about their business.

Imagine if 300 of us asked 5 questions about the prospect’s business, that would be 30,000 actionable data points a month; marketing might even start to respect us!

We would like to do more, to be of greater support to the company’s wider business strategy. We are ready for a change in routine; we are ready to pull information from the field instead of pushing information at prospects.


We are ready for a revolution ….are you?






Your Outside Sales Team



3 thoughts on “Memo to the CEO

  1. The exchange that could power so much innovation and inbound interest is within our grasp. I’ve often marveled at the limited use of that precious time we have with customers to gather intel for future development. Instead, it seems that people are expected (and only compensated) to push and prod clients into the accepting the existing product set.

    Well put!

    Don F Perkins

    • Thanks Don. Selling and telling never works as well as; getting people to talk, listening, taking detailed notes then evaluating and presenting solutions. Self esteem and confidence have much to do with this!
      Karin Bellantoni

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